How MyMailer Maximizes Your Delivery Rate

All marketers know the importance of getting their message targeted to the correct recipient, with the most compelling message and effective creative execution. Get those elements right and your print ads, your inserts and your mailing pieces will be read and responded to. Luckily, marketers don’t have to worry whether their ads will be printed by publishers, or if their mailing packs will be delivered by the postman. But marketers using email marketing need to know about another, unique and critical piece to the jigsaw. They need to understand email deliverability because put simply, email delivery cannot be taken for granted. And if your email isn’t successfully delivered, your message won’t be read.

The critical path to ROI

  • Delivery rate
  • Open rate
  • Click through rate
  • Conversion rate

2 key factors that impact your deliverability


ISPs check the IP addresses sending the email for authentication, which is a means of validating that who you say you are, is really who you are.

There are 3 widely used protocols for authenticating the identity of a sender against the email being sent: Domain Keys, Sender ID and SPF (Sender Policy Framework). Put simply, these authentication protocols enable ISPs to check that an email is being sent from a server that:  A – is who it claims to be, and B – is authorized to send it.

Even better delivery can be achieved by having a custom from address.


The next assessment your email faces on its journey is the sender reputation, which is the quality of the IP addresses that you are sending from. Don’t worry, however, as we spend every day monitoring our IP reputation and looking after this for clients.

Mymailer can provide warmed IP addresses for sending or send from pools of IPs made up of similar clients based on behavior. Mymailer automates and enforces best practice and constant cleaning of data through hard bounces, unsubscribes and feedback loops to maintain and improve your reputation and delivery.

But we don't stop there

Feedback loops

Choose an ESP that is signed up to ‘Feedback Loops’ on the major ISPs such as Hotmail, AOL and Yahoo. A ‘Feedback Loop’ allows the ISP to send an unsubscribe mail to your database when a recipient of your email hits the ‘Report Spam’ button. This in turn enables your ESP to unsubscribe/suppress the complaining recipient from future sends, avoiding repeat complaints and protecting your reputation.

Content filtering

Once your email has passed the authentication and reputation checks, it is then moved into the recipient’s junk folder where content filtering, i.e. the content and construction of your email, is applied to determine whether the email should be moved into the inbox.

The Mymailer Inbox Preview spam tool checks spam words and email structure and will give you a good idea whether your email will pass the content filtering before you send your email.


Return Path Certified impose strict standards and requirements on senders, in order to grant accreditation. Accredited senders can enjoy guaranteed delivery into specified  inbox’s, with functionality such as links and images turned on.

Black lists

Real-time black lists or ‘block lists’, such as SpamHaus, provide a database of IP addresses, servers and domains that have been reported and identified as spam by ISPs. All ISPs can check an email in real-time against this database and decide whether to accept or reject it.

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