Our custom integration service team

Whilst the Mymailer platform plays nicely with other technology systems via the API, we appreciate that sometimes you need something a little more bespoke. That’s where our development team can help.

Specialists in integration work, and experts in the new most common (and up and coming) development languages, we can help integrate Mymailer into your legacy systems. We can also adapt the API to work exactly how you need it.

Additionally custom extension providers can be used to extend your automation capabilities so our skilled team can help set up custom extensions for you, or write extensions that utilise the Mymailer API to interact with other accounts.

At a glance

  • Integrate with proprietary systems
  • Integrate with any CRM
  • Dedicated project manager
“The ability to seamlessly integrate Mymailer to other platforms is what our clients say makes us stand out from the crowd. Being able to make your customer journeys easier is what makes us tick!”

Micheal – Head of Custom Integrations

On hand, to lend a hand

We’ll make it work

If the core Mymailer application or turnkey integrations don’t quite fit your organizations set up, our experienced team of technology specialists will work with you to find a solution that will. And don’t worry, if you have your own development team, we can provide API consultancy on the best way to build your own integrations. After all, who is best placed to work with than the people who actually wrote the API?

Working within your ecosystem

Before we do anything, we will work with you to fully understand what it is you need. We investigate everything, let you know all about what we’ve discovered and put together a proposal. And once you’ve signed off the solution we’ll use Mymailer’s API to build solutions and application extensions that work with your processes and technology.

Whoever, however…

Whether you’re needing an integration to your own bespoke CRM system, your web analytics technology, product reviews software we really can provide you with a seamless integration to make understanding your customer journey as easy as possible.

Our platform is built to play well with other systems

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